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Who are we?

Established in 2020, Chalo Network is a migrant-focused financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, India. We are on a mission to foster financial well-being and inclusion for migrants in India and across the world.

We offer an array of migrant-tailored products. Pravasi Money, our one-stop financial wellbeing platform, caters to employers. Our Go to Market Platform connects migrants with financial services via trained agents and a WhatsApp chatbot. Chalo Labs gathers migrant related data, refines insights and tests tailor-made financial products.

Our aim is to seamlessly integrate into every migration journey, worldwide. How? By making migration mainstream, enhancing migrants' lives with essential financial services that diminish risks and elevate their potential for a better future.

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Our Journey

Jan 2020

Operations begin in Thane, Maharashtra

October 2020

Operations begin in Shivpuri, Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh

May 2022

30,000 transactions

December 2022

1,00,000+ transactions

May 2023

2,00,000+ transactions, over 50k customers

Awards & Recognition

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Our Vision

We aim to become an integral component of every migration journey, both within India and beyond. To streamline migration by providing essential financial services, thus mitigating risks and enhancing capabilities for migrants. 

Our mission

Our mission

We strive to make financial services inclusive and convenient for all, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Meet our incredible team

Varun Aggarwal

Co-Founder and CEO

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Priyansha Singh

Co-founder & COO

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Megha Raha

Marketing Communications Associate

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Pratiksha Kumari

Executive Assistant

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Pooja Bhatia

Editorial Assistant

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Bhavin Gediya

Back End Developer

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Shirupam Arora

UX/UI & Operation Associate

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Mansi Panchal

Data Analyst

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We are looking for talented people

Interested in joining us? While we currently have no openings, we're always eager to meet passionate individuals who wish to be part of our team. If that's you, reach out to us at inquiry@chalo.network

Communication and Design Internship

This is a part-time unpaid internship position wherein the candidate will be assisting the communications team on projects involving communications / social media and UX/UI design output of the organization. We are seeking a talented and motivated intern to join our communications team in a dynamic and creative role. This part-time internship offers an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in UX/UI design and communication strategies while contributing to the organization's social media presence and digital design projects

Timing Part-time