Online PAN application
Application Type:New PAN - Indian Citizen (Form 49A)

How do you want to submit your PAN application documents?

Important instructions for paperless PAN application through e-KYC / e-Sign -

  • To avail e-KYC / e-Sign Services, Aadhaar is mandatory and details given in Aadhaar should be exactly matched with applicant's Full name, Date of Birth and Gender as mentioined in this application form to authenticate Aadhaar.
  • Once authentication of Aadhaar is successful then one time password (OTP) would be sent on your mobile number/email ID linked with your Aadhaar to generate Aadhaar Based e-Sign.
  • To check registered mobile number/email ID in Aadhaar, please visit at
  • In e-Sign Service, applicant needs to upload Photo,Sign and supporting document as per prescribed format
  • In e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless), no need to upload Photo,Sign and supporting document. The photograph used in Aadhaar card would be printed in PAN card.
  • e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless) and e-Sign facility is not available for Minor applicants and other categories of applicants as provided u/s 160 of Income-tax Act, 1961 where Representative Assessee is appointed by the applicant.
Whether Physical PAN Card is required?
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** Important Note: As you have selected for not availing physical PAN Card, your email ID will be required mandatorily. You will receive only digitally signed e-PAN Card at the email ID given in your application.
Aadhaar Number (Only for Individual)
Enter Aadhaar last four digits.
EID Number (If Aadhaar Number is not allotted-Only for Individual)
Note: If you do not wish your photograph as per Aadhaar to be printed on PAN Card, opt for e-Sign & physically mode of submission.
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Details of Parents (Applicable only for Individual applicants)
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